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Richard Lister - Detailer (Why Queue Vehicle Valeting)
RS Elysian & Why Queue van

Hi, my name is Richard Lister and along with my wife Kathryn, we own and run Why Queue Vehicle Valeting.  For many years I've had a passion for looking after my own vehicles, from privately owned cars to company cars.


I had often thought about giving up a secure job in print management, but having a young family, it was very hard to make that giant leap of faith to leave a steady secure job for a dream.  As the years rolled on and the print management industry became more and more unpredictable and finally after being made redundant in 2016, I decided to turn a dream into reality.

In October 2016 our concept WHY QUEUE VEHICLE VALETING was born, with our new van purchased and fully kitted out with all the professional equipment required, we were ready for a new and exciting chapter in our lives.

Both my wife and I have come from customer service backgrounds, which we believe is paramount to running a successful business from the initial enquiry through to job completion.

We hope as you look through our website and read our customer testimonials, you can appreciate our passion for customer service and excellence in every aspect of our business.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you. 

Richard & Kathryn

Why Queue Vehicle Valeting & Detailing

Equipment we use to detail your vehicles

Motorhome detailing
Why Queue Vehicle Valeting Mobile Water Tank

We carry our own 280 litre water tank which is more than sufficient to service a full days work.  The water tank is connected through to a very quiet Kranzle power wash which has variable control to ensure your vehicles paintwork or motorhome seals are not put under excessive water pressure.


We also carry our own generator for when access to a power socket is difficult or power on site fails.

Why Queue Vehicle Valeting Pop Up Gazebo

We have a professional pop up 4.5m x 3m gazebo which can be completely enclosed.  This can be used close to Pocklington when clients do not have their own indoor garage when the weather is poor.

Why Queue Vehicle Valeting Teletower platform

Our 'Teletower' (telescopic platform tower) allows us to safely work on the roof area of your motorhome.


We complete all our RV detailing services at a site close to Pocklington with large indoor working area.


We use a high quality snowfoam safely applied with our Kranzle power wash and use buckets with specialist valeters grit guards to protect your paintwork from, grit and dirt.  A professional Gtechniq wash mitt is used to gently remove dirt from the delicate surface of your vehicle.

Steering wheel detailed
Wheels detailed

Specific interior and exterior detailing brushes are used to clean surfaces carefully. We only use Autoglym acid free alloy cleaners along with thick and soft long reach brushes to safely remove brake dust from the delicate surfaces of your alloys.

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