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GTechniq Ceramic / Wax Coatings

Prices quoted are based on valet being carried out within a 2 mile radius of Pocklington.

We always endeavour to honour any price quoted, however in certain circumstances it may be necessary to spend additional time to ensure your vehicle is left in a condition that meets our high standards and your expectations.  Should this be required, any additional cost will always be agreed in advance of the work being started.

We will require a deposit payment when booking.

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Ceramic & Wax Protection

We can apply Gtechniq ceramic coatings* to your vehicle providing up to 4 years of amazing hydrophobic weather protection by replacing the surface of your vehicle with a new ultra slick, durable hydrophobic coating. This new surface not only looks incredible, but also aids the general maintenance of your vehicle, allowing your wash mitt to simply glide over the new surface. Water particles are simply unable to hold onto the new surface making the drying of your vehicle an absolute breeze in all weathers, saving you time and effort!


Prices for a single Gtechniq application starts from £500 and allows for 1 full day of paint decontamination, preparation and light polish before the base Gtechniq ceramic surface is applied. Gtechniq Exo can be applied at additional costs for increased visual water beading. 


We can also offer luxury Collinite waxes that will offer up to 12 months of hydrophobic protection. Prices for this service start from £250 for one days preparation work and waxing.

* We do require our clients to have an enclosed spacious indoor area or garage for Gtechniq ceramic coating applications

Mercedes C43
Gtechniq ceramic coating
Gtechniq ceramic coating
Ceramic protection


Should you be interested in having a professional quality Gtechniq Ceramic or Collinite wax protection applied to your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or call 07552 371790.

If you are thinking of purchasing a brand new vehicle and are considering having the external and internal surfaces protected, please do not hesitate to contact us for a price before you decide to purchase the dealership protection packages with your new vehicle.  These are often poorly applied and may not last the 'lifetime' claims often made.

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