Why Queue Vehicle Valeting are an independent professional business.

Please read our terms & conditions carefully as by booking a service with us, you agree to these terms and conditions.



For new and existing clients, a deposit may be requested on any appointment booked with us.  If you are an existing client who has previously cancelled an appointment, we will require a deposit on all valets/services.  For appointments which require a deposit, we will initially make a provisional booking in our schedule.  We will then require your deposit payment at least 8 weeks prior (or immediately if booking date is within 8 weeks) of your chosen date to make a firm booking in our schedule.  For all car, caravan or motorhome valets we will require a deposit of £50 per day.  For waxing, machine polishing, coatings, scratch removal and headlight restoration work, we will require a deposit of between 25-50% of the job value or £50, whichever is the greater.  The percentage will be advised on an individual basis and detailed on your quotation for your work.



If you need to re-schedule your appointment, you will need to advise us at least 5 working days before your appointment.  Your deposit payment will only be transferable to a new agreed date if we are able to fill your original appointment space with another job of at least the same value.  If we are unable to fill your original space, you will lose your deposit and will need to pay another deposit for your re-scheduled date.  If we are able to fill your original space, but with a lesser value valet, you will be liable for the difference in value which may equate to more than your original deposit.



If you need to cancel your appointment you will lose your deposit payment.  If you cancel within 48 hours of your valet/service, you will be liable for 50% of the job value.  If you cancel on the same day as your valet/service is booked with us, you will be liable for the full value of your booked services.



We accept payment by cash or bank transfer.  We will accept payment by cheque for deposit payments only.  All payments are due on the day of completion of our services.  An invoice will be provided upon request.



Out of hours and Sunday appointments will carry a surcharge of which will be advised when booking.



We carry out valet services all year round, but on some occasions the weather prevents us from pursuing our normal duties.  In this event, if you have an undercover area or suitable space in your garage, we may still be able to valet your vehicle.  We also have a professional pop up valeting gazebo which can be used for valets carried out within 10 miles of Pocklington and your valet/service equates to at least 4 hours work.  Insufficient space or strong winds may hinder the use of our gazebo, so we would agree with you in advance if this would be a suitable option.  If a sheltered work area or our gazebo is not an option, then weather conditions may regrettably force us to postpone and re-schedule your appointment.



If you have booked a valet service, please make sure your vehicle is in a reasonable condition by removing excess items/rubbish from the interior and boot area.  Additional time we need to spend removing excess items/rubbish means we have less overall time to valet your vehicle.



We will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle arising from loose fittings and trims or faulty parts.  Please ensure you make us aware of any potential problems before we start the valet.



We may take photos of your vehicle for use on our website or social media blogs etc.  Please be assured, we always blot out number plates before posting.  If you would prefer not to have your vehicle photographed, please let us know before we start your valet.



Correct as of July 2021