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Premium Car Detailing Service

Prices quoted are based on detailing being carried out within a 2 mile radius of Pocklington

We always endeavour to honour any price quoted, however in certain circumstances where there is particularly heavy external contamination or internal soiling (excessive pet hair or staining etc) it may be necessary to spend additional time to ensure your vehicle is left in a condition that meets our high standards and your expectations.  Should this be required, any additional cost will always be agreed in advance of the work being started.

We will require a deposit payment when booking.

To read our Terms & Conditions, please click here

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Customer Service
Mercedes C63
Porsche GT3 interior
Customer Service

Here at Why Queue we are a family run independent business who offer a premium mobile car detailing experience.  Every client will be treated to our exceptional quality of detailing, from initial enquiry right through to completion.  We believe that excellent customer service and communication is just as important as the work completed, so will keep you informed throughout the booking process with written confirmations and timely reminders for your booking.

Our recently amended premium detailing service is now offered as a full day booking and is modelled on our most popular Executive level of service.

Range Rover Evoque
Aston Martin interior
Car Interior
BMW & Mercedes detailed by Why Queue Vehicle Valeting
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Car Dashboard

Price Guide

We only offer a full day premium detailing service which allows for executive detailing for one vehicle per day.

If your location does not have an undercover area or garage space where we can work should the weather be poor on your choice of date, we will require you to bring your vehicle to our indoor area located just outside of Pocklington.

Prices for our premium full day car detailing service start from £210* which allows for up to 7 hours of work and includes all labour, equipment and  detailing products. 

* Time required and price quoted is subject to the size of car and overall condition.

We use a regulated quiet professional Kranzle power wash system connected to our own onboard water supply, so connection to an outside tap is not necessary at your property.

Steering wheel detailed
Alloy wheel cleaning
Dashboard detailed by Why Queue Vehicle Valeting
Car Valeting Prices
Please refer to our WHAT’S INCLUDED section below for a guide to the level of executive detailing we offer all our clients
What's Included
Car Key


  • Your vehicle will firstly be pre-washed to remove any visual surface contamination

  • Door shuts carefully pressure rinsed

  • A thick coat of advanced carnauba PH neutral snow foam is then applied to aid the wash process

  • Each panel is individually hand washed with a premium quality vehicle shampoo and a thick soft Gtechniq/Dodo Juice wash mitt using the two bucket method

  • Exterior detailing brushes are used to carefully massage shampoo into delicate areas (intricate grills, air intakes, spoilers etc) to agetate dirt and ensure full removal of green algae

  • Bug debris removed from paintwork

  • We will undertake light tar spot removal from all panels (heavy tar contamination charged accordingly for time and materials)

  • Alloys wheels are deep cleaned & detailed using Autoglym Acid free products.  Specific soft noodle mitts that will only be used for cleaning wheels (never your paintwork) are used to clean the outer face of the wheel.  Barrel brushes of various length and size will then be used to ensure all areas of the alloy wheel are reached

  • Bodywork is carefully towel dried and buffed twice to remove all water spots

  • All door and boot shuts are detailed, cleaned and carefully towel dried

  • Wheels are carefully microfibre towel dried

  • Tyres dressed using Autoglym solvent free gloss finish tyre dressing

  • All exterior glass is thoroughly cleaned (including panoramic sunroofs) using Autoglym glass cleaner

  • Exterior plastics (bumpers/trims) are dressed with Autoglym Professional Gel to not only enhance their appearance and aid regular cleaning, but protect against damage caused by UV rays

  • Bodywork protected with a hydrophobic nano gloss sealant or Autoglym wax polish (for up to 6 month paintwork protection)


  • All rubbish removed from vehicle

  • All loose items removed, safely stored and replaced on completion of the valet

  • Detailed extensive internal vacuum of cabin and boot area

  • Detailing brushes/vacuum used to clean out air vents and other hard to reach areas

  • Dashboard, steering controls, storage compartments, plastics and vinyls are all carefully cleaned & dressed with Autoglym protection

  • Cloth seats steam cleaned to remove light  & medium staining (heavy soiling P.O.A) 

  • All leather deep cleaned using LRC leather cleaner and re-protected using LRC advanced leather protection cream

  • Delicate digital dashboard areas / sat nav carefully dusted and safely wiped clean & polished

  • Foot pedals are steam cleaned and detailed

  • Footwell fitted carpets steam cleaned to remove stubborn stains

  • All loose carpets matts steam cleaned & made fresh with Autoglym Autofresh scent

  • Rubber matts are removed, given a detailed wash and protected with non slip dressing

  • Interior glass cleaned and buffed to a smear free shine using Autoglym glass cleaner

Car Air Conditioning
In additional to the above executive detailing, optional extras can also be added. Additional costs will apply for specialist detailing options to the regular detailing service and the overall price will be confirmed prior to booking.  Optional extras can include, but are not limited to:

  Exterior Options​

  • Engine bay cleaned & dressed (prices start from £60)

  • Chrome exhaust tips detailed & polished (prices start from £30 per pipe)

  • Excessive tar removal using Autoglym Tar & Adhesive Remover (POA)

  • Iron fall out removal using Autoglym Fallout Remover (prices start from £40 per vehicle)

  • Adhesive removal, ie when stickers or decals have been removed (POA)

  • Collinite 476 supercoat wax offering 8-12 month protection (POA)

  • Claybar of panels using Dodo Juice clay lube and high grade clay to leave a super slick finish (POA)

  • Convertible hood specialist cleaning & re-proofing using Renovo & Gtechniq products (prices start from £90)


  Interior Options​

  • Excessive pet hair removal from boot (prices start from £30)

  • Excessive pet hair removal from cabin area (prices start from £50)

  • Shampoo and wet vacuum of excessively soiled seats and carpets (POA)

Optional Extras

Please contact us to discuss your specific valeting & detailing requirements and we can confirm our price for Bespoke services for your vehicle.  Some additional and specialist services eg convertible hood detailing, ceramic coatings and professional leather cleaning may require more than one full day to complete to our premium standards.

If you are still undecided whether to use our exceptional services, please just read through a few of our customer reviews to help you decide.


We very much look forward to hearing from you
Richard & Kathryn (The Why Queue Team)

"we don't just wash, we detail"

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