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Machine Polishing & Paint Correction

Prices quoted are based on valet being carried out within a 2 mile radius of Pocklington. 

We always endeavour to honour any price quoted, however in certain circumstances it may be necessary to spend additional time to ensure your vehicle is left in a condition that meets our high standards and your expectations.  Should this be required, any additional cost will always be agreed in advance of the work being started.

We will require a deposit payment when booking.

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Machine Polishing

If you're after the perfect shine on your vehicle once a valet has been completed, a high quality Autosmart finishing polish can be applied using a rotary polisher.  This will enhance the finish of your paintwork more effectively than a hand applied product. Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 07552 371790 to discuss your full requirements.

Following the application of the high quality finishing polish, the surface will be carefully checked to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Exterior detailing
Mini machine polished

The results of the finish can be absolutely amazing.  Even underneath our valeting tent the reflection is outstanding. 

Paint Correction

If your vehicle has swirls marks and minor scratches which have built up over time from using other or automated car wash facilities, we offer Stage 1 Machine Polishing which can remove or lighten the appearance of these.  Prices are subject to the level of service you require, ie just one panel or the whole vehicle.  Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you wish to discuss this in any further detail.

Read paint depth

We always use a paint depth meter prior to starting any paint correction work.

The rotary machine  polisher will then be used with different levels of cutting compound and cutting pads to suit the job.  

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